What is Google Adsence, How can we make money through Adsence ?

What is Google Adsence, How can we make money through Adsence  | TechnTalk

Google Adsence : Google Adsence is the product of Google which provides Advertisement on Website, Application, Youtube and many more places. When we serve Google Ads in our website then Google Adsence Pay us for serving their Ads on our Website, App or Youtube channel and It is the most trusted AdNetwork in the world and it's also give us payment in time.

How can we make money through Adsence ?

1. Website :-  If you have a website then you can make money or if you don't have  any website then you can go for Blogger or Wordpress and make free website without any Coding Knowledge. After that post 15 to 20 minimum posts on your website and then apply your website to adsence for serve Ads on site. If Google Adsence approved your site to serve Ads then your webste is ready to make money.

How to apply our Websites for Adsence.

Step 1. Open your Google Adsence Account and click on side manu bar.

Step 2. Click on  My Ads and then click on Other Products
Step 3. Type your website link and click on Submit Button.
Step 4. After that copy this given code and paste it on your website Header Section.
Hint :
You have to be paste your copied  code in this section.
Now it may take usually 3 to 4 working day to review your site.

Step 5. When your site will be verified then create Ads Units from Adsence and copy this Ads code and paste it on your site.

2. Application : Today application is best source to make money in short time through Admob it is the product of Adsence and Admob provide us to Ads Id for our Apps and How much you earn through Admob it will be automatically added to your Adsence account and then you can withdraw your amount after reaching 100$.

What is Admob and How can we make money through Admob?

3. Youtube : Youtube is best way to make money today too many india youtubers are making huge money every day. And if you also wanna make money through Youtube then follow these article step by step.

Step 1. You have to be create your channel on youtube.
If you don't konw how to make youtube channel then search on youtube "How to make youtube channel" you will get too many result.

Step 2. Now upload your own videos on your youtube channel. And when you complete 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hour whatch time then your channel monetization will be enabled and then your channel is ready to make money.

Step 3. Youtube is also a product of Google and it also connected with Google Adsence and How much you earn from youtube it will be also include on your Adsence Account and when you earn 100$ you can withdraw it.

I know it may be difficult to gain 1k Subscriber and 4000 Hour watch time but if you work hard then you can gain.