Lenovo brought a very personal folding computer.

Lenovo brought a very personal folding computer.  || Thetechntalk.com

This year, Samsung presented a huge challenge to other companies offering its folding device. However, referring to the launch Foldebl handset by many companies since Samsung is a long time. Right now, Lenovo has brought a personal computer with a foldable screen. This is the world's first turning PC, which is currently a prototype.

According to the company it will be offered on large scale in the coming time. According to some reports, the company has been developing it for the last three years. The demo video and photos of this device have come into the press release shared by the company.

The device will be launched by the company in the year 2020 with the premium ThinkPad X1 branding. Regarding this, the company says it will give users all the features of laptops. This device's portability is its specialty. This will allow users to easily keep this laptop with them.

At the moment it is a prototype device and can be finishing from its software to hardware. The company claims that it will be easily attached to the wireless keyboard or trackpad and in this case it will work as a screen. Read also: making Lenovo May 22 event, Lenovo Z6 or K6 launch Note may (2019)
Moreover, the design of Foldebl PC then this 13.3-inch 4: 3 2K Oelidi display went reported. It can be folded from the middle of a book. The company claims it will be less than 1 kilogram.
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