WhatsApp security has been hacked: Spyware was installed in the phone even if the user did not receive the call.

 WhatsApp  security  has been hacked: Spyware was installed in the phone even if the user did not receive the call. || Thetechntalk.com

After the disclosure of a major drawback in the safety of the Messenger App Whatsapp, people who use it worldwide are in the know. However, it is not yet known exactly how many people have been hacked through Whatsapp. The NSO Group, accused of hacking people's phones, first came to headlines in 2016.

It was then revealed that it hacks people's phones together with the government of the United Arab Emirates. The most famous product of the NSO is Pegasus. Through this tool, the target user's phone camera and microphone can also be turned on. Also, all data contained in it can be stolen.

Hacker target user used to make voice calls via Whatsapp When the user picked up the phone or not, Spyware was installed in his device. After that call also disappeared from the call log. This way the user did not even know that his phone was hacked.

According to a report from The New York Times, the codes installed by the hackers in the user's phone via Whatsapp were very similar to the other codes of the NSO. The information of the latest case was found earlier this month. The company had corrected it within 10 days and released the update.

According to Whatsapp, it will be hasty to say how many people are affected. The company believes that the SpyWare is of a very advanced variety and it has only affected select people or institutions. No number has been reported. The company said that necessary information has been given to US officials.

After updating the app, Spyware will be over :

After updating the Whatsapp, he can not be hacked through the NSW spyware. But, those whose phones have already been hacked, will benefit from the update, it is not known right now.

Work with governments to prevent terrorism: NSO

Responding to the matter, the NSO said that it works with governments to prevent terrorism and crime. The company said that-we issue a license after thorough investigation. We make technology for the safety of the people. Action is taken when used incorrectly.
"We are advising users to upgrade the app," said the statement issued by Facebook. He has been asked to keep the operating system up to date. The company said that this SpyWare is of very advanced variety and selected people will be targeted only. Most users have not been affected

The British newspaper Financial Times has stated in its report that the spy software has been developed by an Israeli company NSO Group. This espionage software has been installed in the phones of people through Whatsapp Call. This company is known as 'Cyber ​​Arms Dealer'. If a consumer does not answer the call, then this spy software can be installed in his phone. It is not known yet how many people have been targeted for this cyber attack.
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