Zuckerberg made the app at the age of 16, at the age of 12, the messaging program; Today Net worth of 4.90 lakh crores

Zuckerberg made the app at the age of 16, at the age of 12, the messaging program; Today Net worth of 4.90 lakh crores || Thetechntalk.com

Mark Zuckerberg today is 35 years old. Zuckerberg's Networth is worth 4.9 lakh crores and he is the 8th richest person in the world. Zuckerberg started Facebook at the age of 20, but it was not his first experiment. Earlier, at the age of 12 he had made a messaging program for father's clinic and a music app as a high school project at the age of 16. In high school, he was offered several companies to buy an app and job offers, but Zuckerberg denied him. Today, he is the CEO and chairman of Facebook with a market cap of Rs 38 lakh crore. On his birthday, Dainik Bhaskar Plus app is sharing stories related to him ...

When the patient came to the clinic, the receptionist used messaging program
Zuckerberg created an Instant Messaging Program at the age of 12. They called it Jacketnet His dentist used to use it on his clinic. Whenever a patient came to the clinic, the receptionist informed the doctor from this messaging program instead of sounding it. This messaging program was used for communicating at Zuckerberg's home. In school time, he used to make video games in association with his friends. In an interview he also told that some of my friends were artists. They used to make designs and I had to make games on it. We used to do it for our fun.

Job offers from Microsoft only in high school

Zuckerberg made a music app 'Sinope Media Player' with his friends in 2000 during the high school education at the Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. It was Artificial Intelligence based app. It used to make MP3 play list according to the user's preferences. Large companies like Microsoft and AOL had offered them $ 1 million instead. Both companies wanted to hire them, but Zuckerberg preferred to study at Harvard University instead of the job. During high school, he declined job offers from many companies.

Before Facebook, 'FesMash' and 'Coursemacht'

While studying at Harvard, Zuckerberg had created a program called 'Facasss' before Facebook, which helped find out who is the most attractive boys and girls in the campus? In it, the users used to compare photos of students and tell them who they feel best. The university administration later closed it. Due to this program, Jacarberg had come to the university until he was out of the university. Within the college days, he also created the 'Coursemach' program. In this, users used to tell which class they are attending so that other students can choose courses and classes with their interests.

Facebook started at the age of 20, social media became king

Born on May 14, 1984, when Mark Zuckerberg was 20, he started Facebook with his three friends Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Severin. At that time the name 'The Facebook' was kept. It was launched on February 4, 2004 for students of Harvard University. Soon it was reached in many colleges of America. Zuckerberg left Harvard University to pursue a Facebook and rent a house in Palo Alto, California. Meanwhile, Payal co-founder Peter Thil invested Rs 355 crores in Facebook. By December 2004 Facebook's active user base exceeded 10 million.

Yahoo offered the offer, after 6 years began to buy companies

In July 2006, Yahoo offered to buy Facebook for Rs 7100 crores, but Zuckerberg rejected it. In October 2007, Microsoft bought 1.6% stake in Facebook for Rs 1,704 crore, after which the market value of the company rose to Rs 10.65 lakh crore. Facebook bought Instagram for $ 100 million (Rs 7,100 crore) in April 2012. After this, in March 2014, the company, Oracle, a VR hardware and technology company, was bought for $ 200 million (about Rs 14,000 crore). In October of that year, the company also bought Whatsapp for $ 1,900 million (Rs 1.34 lakh crore). It was the company's most expensive deal so far. That is why Zuckerberg is now also called Social Media King.

Often wear uniform clothes, so do not waste time choosing clothes

Zuckerberg is often seen in similar clothing. Whether in the office or in the meeting with billionaire Bill Gates, they often wear gray or dark gray color t-shirts. There are few occasions when they are seen in some different clothes. Zuckerberg has many T-shirts with the same one. When asked about this in an interview, he said, "I feel that there is no time for these small things in my life. If you also think about a little thing like your clothes or breakfast in the morning, then you are burning your energy. "
Generally, the gray T-shirts and Junkerben in Hoodie used to wear office tie every day in 2009. In one of his Facebook posts, he also told the reason. Zuckerberg wrote, "After the economic downturn that started in 2008, I wore tie all year in 2009, because I wanted to indicate to my company's employees that this year is very important for us in this era of recession." '

Priscilla Chan meets the line for the washroom

On May 19, 2012, Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan got married. For the first time both of them met in 2003 at a party at the Harvard University campus. During the party both were found in the line for the washroom. In an interview, Priscilla had said about the meeting that "Mark had a beer glass of his own hand on which the tag was, 'Pound Include Beer.H'." He had told that it was a C ++ tag, which was showing the appeal for computer science.

Celebrate marriage by telling a graduation party

There is also an interesting story about the marriage of Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. On the day the two were going to get married, guests were invited on that day by saying that a party has been kept at Chan's medical school graduation, but when the guests arrive at Venue, they know about this surprise wedding walked.

Earning from stock, taking salaries of just $ 1 a month for 5 years

Zuckerberg is not just the founder of Facebook, but also the company's chairman and CEO. Despite this, every month's salary for Zuckerberg is only $ 1 (70 rupees). In 2012, Zuckerberg took 5 million dollars (present 3.50 million dollars), but from 2013 he has come to 1 dollar. Most of his earnings are from Facebook shares. Dual Class Share Structure works in Facebook. It includes class-A and class-B shares. According to the filing of the company, till December 2018, Zuckerberg has 1,21,78,053 class A and 39,83,19,062 shares of Class-B.

A person of Indian origin, who has been in dispute since 2004, also sued

As soon as Facebook started, Mark Zuckerberg became involved with controversies. In February 2004, when Zuckerberg launched Facebook, three students studying in Harvard - Tile Winklevos, Cameron Winklevos and Divya Narendra, filed a suit accusing him of stealing Idea on Zuckerberg. Divine is of Indian origin, born in New York. The trio filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg in a US court and claimed that the real Idea behind Facebook was not of Zuckerberg but of all three. In 2008, the court gave a ruling against Facebook and Zuckerberg, and ordered the trio to give 650 trillion dollars. Even after this the matter was not settled and the trials filed again in 2011. Later the agreement was reached. At present, Divya Narendra has 0.022% shares in Facebook.

Last year was the worst for Facebook

2018 has been the worst year in 15 years of Facebook's history. In March 2018, Cambridge Analysta Scandal came out. In this, British Political Consultancy firm Cambridge Anilica was accused of stealing data of 8.7 million users of Facebook, which was used in the 2016 US presidential elections. After this, once again in September, the number of Facebook's 5 million users was hacked. In December the American newspaper New York Times claimed that Facebook shared the data of its users with more than 150 companies. In the same year Instagram's co-founder Kevin Sistrom and Mike Krieger, co-founder Brandon Erib of Oculus and co-founder of Whatsapp, John Com left the company due to differences with Facebook and Zuckerberg.
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