19 year old Indian student removed Whatsapp bug, Facebook Hall of Fame honors

19 year old Indian student removed Whatsapp bug, Facebook Hall of Fame honors  || Thetechntalk.com

  • Whatsapp bug was deleting files from users' phones
  • Facebook will give Rs. 34 thousand as award for infinity

Gadget desk A 19-year-old Kerala student identified a big bug in Whatsapp and removed it. Now Facebook will honor them and give place in the Hall of Fame. Anatakrishna is a student of BTech, he is doing research on ethical hacking. They also work for Kerala Police's Research and Development Center 'Kerala Police Cyberdom'. They are living in Alappuzha.

According to the report, there was a dangerous bug in Whatsapp, which was deleting several files from users' phones. Anatakrishna identified the bug and told the Facebook officials. Also, there is a solution to remove this bug. Observation of the bug was done for about two months with the help of Anantakrishna. Later this was successfully removed.

Ananth's name will be on the number 80 in the Thanks list

To overcome the bug with Whatsapp, Facebook has promised to give the cash award of $ 500 (about Rs 34 thousand) to Anatakrishna. Also, they will be honored with the prestigious 'Hall of Fame'. The name of Anantramushana will remain at the number 80 in the Facebook's Thanks list. On the identity of serious problems in the Facebook application, the cash award places and places in the 'Hall of Fame'.
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