Google brought new feature, Google Assistant will be able to use without internet || WeWantWish

Google brought new feature, Google Assistant will be able to use without internet || WeWantWish

The world's leading tech company Google (Google) has announced the launch of the phone line service for Google Assistant (Google Assistant) in India during the Google For India 2019 event. The company launched Google Assistant two years ago. Also, at that time customers had support of 30 languages. Now Google's consumers will be able to use Google Assistant through phone. At the same time, internet will not be required for this service. To run Google Assistant, users only need to give OK Google command.

Google Assistant Phone Line Service
Google has introduced the phone line assistant service with telecom company Vodafone. Users will not have to pay any kind of charge for this service. Consumers can also get information by calling the number 0008009191000. Through the line service of Google Assistant, information like train timing and cricket score will be available. At the same time, Google Assistant has also got the support of Hindi language. This service of Google will continue 24x7. Let us tell you that only Vodafone Idea customers will be able to use Google Assistant's phone line service.

AI Lab will be open soon
Apart from this, Google will soon start Artificial Lab in Bengaluru. Now users will be able to search 10 times more on Google's platform through Hindi language. Also, Google has improved the search result for Indian language as compared to before.

Discover Tab's new look
Customers will be able to change the content of Google's Discover tab according to their regional language. Also, Google has given the option of different categories, in which consumers will be able to choose the content of their choice. This new update of Google will also appear on Google search with Google Chrome, Google Go.

Google Lens was introduced
During this time, Google has launched an upgraded version of Google Lens. Now users will be able to translate content in real time through Google lens. With this, consumers will hear the content with the translates. Google has supported three languages ​​in the latest Google Lens.
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