Google will help Indian youth get first job || WeWantWish

Google will help Indian youth get first job || WeWantWish

Veteran IT company Google has created a new platform for Indian youth to find jobs at an early stage. On Thursday, Google said at the Google for India 2019 conference that the youth still search for job opportunities in Delhi-NCR, but the new platform will get the details of employment across the country. It will start from Delhi-NCR.

General Manager (Payment and Vice) of Google, Cesar Sengupta said that only through Google Pay app, youth will be able to apply for jobs directly in various companies. Current digital media has a new spot job and Google is working on making it easy to access.

Here, the youth will be helped to get jobs at the initial level like delivery boy or sales executive. Equipped with technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, this platform will show the young people job options based on merit and experience.

There are about 67 million active subscribers of Google Pay in India right now, who do billions of transactions every year through this payment app. The company said that the benefits of this access will also be available on the new job platform.

Google Pay has added more than 25 companies providing hotels and services including 24 Seven, Swiggy, Dunzo on its job post. Sengupta said that in future, someone will be able to post their job on this platform, whether it is big business or small shop owner.
This is how the platform will reach

The company has created a spot for the job platform in Google Pay app, the seller gives information about his experiences and needs. From this spot, the seller can create his own spot card, which will be equipped with QR code and NFC antenna.

With the help of this card, open Google Pay app, where information given by the seller will be visible. Make My Trip has just maintained a spot where booking can be done directly from the Google Pay app. No need to go to MakeMyTrip's app for this.

The company says that large companies such as Make My Trip and Urban Ladder can develop their own spots, but Google's new plate form will be most effective for small businesses as a third party.
A trillion digital economy

During the inauguration of the conference, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the government is keen to make India a trillion digital economy. This will include payments, services, Internet of Things, e-commerce and AI and machine learning based technologies.

Know what's new in Google

Even if there is no internet, call Google and get information
Not only Hindi and English, information can be searched on Google in Indian languages. If there is no internet in the phone, then information can be obtained from Google by calling a special toll free number. On Thursday, Google launched many such new features and products. There is a lot of emphasis on regionalism. The program was inaugurated by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.
Results in nine Indian languages ​​on searching

When searching on Google for information about a subject, things were revealed in English and Hindi. Now Google search can be done in nine Indian languages. These include Gujarati, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Urdu and Punjabi. These Indian languages ​​can be used in Google Assist. That is, you will be able to talk to Google Assist in these languages ​​also from your phone.

Debit-credit card will be able to be linked with Google Pay

Talk to Google Assistant on toll free number
Google has launched a toll free number 0008009191000, this will especially benefit Vodafone and Idea users. With this, even without internet, Google Assistant can be talked in Hindi or English. From this, things ranging from temperature to general knowledge can be asked.
Debit-credit card will be able to be linked with Google Pay
Debit-credit cards can now be added to Google Pay, a mobile application made for payment of money. Google Pay has 67 million monthly users. He has done a transaction of about 11000 million dollars so far in 2019. Also, Google gave information about starting a token card for payment soon.

These cards will be used offline. Special facility for businessmen was also launched. Through this, they will be able to display their products on a special online page. This page can be viewed with a special spot code and shopping can also be done.

Google lens also in other Indian languages

Google lens also in other Indian languages
Through the Google Lens mobile application, things written in various Indian languages ​​can be scanned and read from the phone camera. People will especially get benefit from reading various messages from sign boards to moving to a new state. At the same time, free Wi-Fi will be provided at 400 railway stations of the country with BSNL under Google station.
Google will launch AI Digital Lab
google artificial intelligence
google artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) digital lab will be started in Bangalore by Google, the world's largest search engine. Google looks forward to working closely with the academic community, government, and industry to promote artificial intelligence in the future.

Google is the second company after Microsoft to announce the launch of AI Digital Lab in the country. Till now, 80 thousand internet peers have been trained by the company.

These will reach three lakh villages by the end of 2019. Google, Indic, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi three languages
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